The competition provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate/present their concepts on design of small satellites and missions. The finalists will be presenting during Session VI, i.e. on 09-02-2019 of the International Conference on Small Satellites (ICSS2019) and awards will be given during valedictory session.

Concepts may include hardware, simulated results, uniquely applicable software, or mission results.

Topics for the Competition:

  • 1. Deorbiting techniques, methodologies and modules adoptable for nano satellites
  • 2. Collision Avoidance technique for nano satellites
  • 3. Optical intersatellite communication within constellation
  • 4. Anything related to small satellites and their applications

Participation and Eligibility:

Participation is open to all full-time undergraduate/graduate/research students pursuing a bachelor’s/master’s/doctorate degree in an engineering or scientific discipline at an accredited college or university.

Participation Rules:

  • Team size: 05 (maximum) and 02 (minimum) including a mentor/faculty from the college / institution. (Team members can be from different institutions).
  • Institution needs to be Engineering or science educational Institute providing undergraduate degrees in science, technology or engineering.
  • Any participant can participate in one proposal only.
  • Online Entries through conference website.
  • One institute can send more than one proposal, without common people across any two proposals.

Proposals failing to comply any of these rules may be disqualified.


1) Registration:There is no registration fee for the competition. However, the team should apply for competition with Bonafide letter from the head of the institution/ Identity Card.

2) A total of six prizes will be given.

3) Preliminary Selection: Six teams will be selected from all teams from presentation and demonstration during the conference at RCI, Hyderabad. A committee with experienced members in space technology will be formed to evaluate and select the six finalists. The decision of the committee will be final at preliminary level.

4) The selection of six finalists will be based on following criteria.

  • a. Conceptual idea (15%)
  • b. Theoretical aspects (10%)
  • c. Implementation details (10%)
  • d. Feasibility, reliability and life aspects (15%)
  • e. Simulation and results (20%)
  • f. Presentation to committee (10%)
  • g. Record book (5%)
  • h. Demonstration (15%)

5) Final Grading: These final six teams will present their ideas/papers during Session VI of conference ICSS2019 i.e. on 09-02-2019. Each team will be given a maximum of 12 minutes to present their ideas/papers, followed by 3 minutes of question and answer session. Final grading of the teams for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be decided at the venue and announced during the valedictory function.

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